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Add your blog to, step 1

There is only one step. But before you submit your site, please read the FAQ. We need to make sure what you're submitting is in fact a blog.

You will need the following:

  • A main index with recent posts displayed with the most recent entry on top
  • An archive of all entries indexed by date
  • No spam in posts or comments
  • No scams, including get-rich-quick schemes
  • 75% of content must be related to personal finance, investing, or real estate (affiliate shills don't count)
  • No illegal activities
  • At least one week of consistent posting

The following are strong suggestions that will expedite the addition:

  • Links to several personal finance, investing, or real estate blogs
  • Links from several personal finance, investing, or real estate blogs
  • Six months of consistent, personal finance-related posting
  • 100 unique visitors a day with a public SiteMeter or similar tracker
  • No gratuitious or excessive advertising, especially if the blog is "new"
  • RSS feeds with full content, not excerpts
  • No paid content masquerading as legitimate entries

If you blog meets the above qualifications, please submit your information below. Be aware that if you submit a blog that does not meet the requirements (the first set of points above), the blog won't be reviewed again for several months. This is in order to reduce the time spent reviewing blogs by the one individual who takes on such activities.

It is pointless to submit spam. Your submission will be automatically deleted, and no one will see your link. All websites are reviewed before being added to the listings on

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