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Install the Blogroll

( Friends )

One of the best ways for Friends of to share links and ensure they are getting the most out of their small membership fee is to install the Blogroll on their blog and encourage others to do the same. Chances are you already have links to blogs you like. The Blogroll […]

Further Improvements

( Friends )

In the last week, I’ve made some programming improvements to which should improve speed when viewing the site directly. I’m still looking for a MySQL “expert” to assist. If you know of anyone, please send her my way. More enhancements will be on the way in the next few months.
There is […]

Renew Your Membership in the Friends of!

( Friends )

Maybe you joined the Friends of during last year’s annual campaign. Perhaps you were an early adopter and got your gold star when it was a free option. If so, your membership may be expiring in April.
If you do not have a monthly or yearly subscription, email the webmaster to […]

More Pinging Changes

( Blogs and Friends )

This will hopefully be the final change to the “pinging” process for a while. When a blog pings to let us know that there is an update to be fetched — a feature available only to Friends of — there is a two minute delay. If the blogger who owns the […]

Pinging and Using Feedburner

( Friends and RSS )

As you may know, Friends of have the option of pinging the server to let the site know when a new entry has been posted. However, when a blogger uses Feedburner, the RSS feed doesn’t always contain the new post before it is fetched by
Therefore, for those Friends who use Feedburner […]

Last Few Days of $2 Per Month Membership

( Friends )

If you have not become a member of the Friends of yet and you’ve been meaning too, don’t forget that the monthly price will be raising for non-commercial members on November 1. The link to your blog itself is worth $110 to $145 according to LinkWorth, and non-commercial Friends get the link plus […]

Being a Friend of is a Great Value

( Friends )

Out of curiosity, I logged into LinkWorth to see how much a link on every page within would go for. Take a look at the results and see for yourself:

Commercial Membership Price Increase

( Friends )

On October 1, the price of Commercial Membership in the Friends of will increase. The price for those bloggers whose blogs implicitly or explicity promote a product or products will see the monthly price increase from $35 to $50. Current Commercial and Non-Commercial Friends will not see this price increase. You […]

PageRank Update for

( Admin and Friends )

In the latest Google update, the PageRank for jumped to 6. Friends of will benefit from this update through the direct links to their blogs. If you have not yet become a Friend of, now is a good time.

Thank You, Friends

( Friends )

Once again, thank you very much to everyone who has helped support since its launch earlier this year. We have doubled in size since then, following the personal finance blogosphere. We aggregate so many sites because we are a true representation of what the community has to offer.
Growth comes at a price, […]

Final Day For $10 Membership

( Friends )

First of all, thank you to everyone who has joined the Friends of so far. If you’ve been putting off your membership, don’t delay any further. Today is the final day for joining for $10 a year. Going forward, we will be moving to a small monthly subscription fee. (There […]

One Week Left for $10/year Memberships

( Friends )

Update: Click here to become a Friend of
On June 1, will be switching to a new membership scheme for those who wish to be Friends of and receive all the benefits that entails (and there are always more in store). Here are two deadlines for you to remember:
May 28: This is […]

This Week and This Week Only, Free Gold Stars!

( Friends )

From Monday, May 22 through Sunday, May 28, any blog with the Blogroll, whether it is added now or was added previously, will receive two months as a “Friend of” If you’re already a Friend, the two months will be added onto whatever term you already have. Leave a comment here […]

Changes Afoot on

( Friends )

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’ve noticed that there is a new look to the aggregator pages at Blog entries written by those who are Friends of are now highlighted in red in order to help them stand out among other articles. This has already helped drive more traffic […]

Quick Change to Blog Listing

( Admin and Blogs and Friends )

Rather than completely randomized, the blog listing now is sorted (with Friends first) by update. The most recently updated blogs will appear at the top of the list. The list will also display only blogs updated in the last week or so, with a limit of 200.
I don’t like alphabetized lists […]