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We added the 1,000th blog to the aggregator today. Wow, the blogosphere, and the personal finance niche in particular, has certainly expanded in the past two years. There are some new features that I’ve been working on, and some … Continue reading

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New Free WordPress Blog Hosting Service is supporting a new WordPress blog hosting service located at This will be a great way to start a new blog with reliable software or move a current blog from Blogger and BlogSpot. Here are some of the … Continue reading

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Some Blogging Statistics on, New Features Coming

If you’re interested in top ten blogs lists, then you should check these out. Flexo has posted the Top 10 Blogs by Total Clicks and Top 10 Blogs by Clicks per Post. Here’s a little bit about what we have … Continue reading

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Expanding Real Estate and Investing Sections, New Server Added

I’d like to focus on expanding the real estate and investing sections of during the month of November. The real estate section can include blogs about the housing bubble, Realtors’ blogs, real estate investing, purchasing a home, etc.. In … Continue reading

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More Pinging Changes

This will hopefully be the final change to the “pinging” process for a while. When a blog pings to let us know that there is an update to be fetched — a feature available only to Friends of … Continue reading

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Getting Listed on

Thanks to everyone who informed me of their interest in the Advisory Panel. I’ll be contacting a bunch of you in the next few weeks to send you more information and get things started. There’s now a simpler way … Continue reading

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Ping to Update Your Blog!

This should be a welcome update for those who like to see their blog entries make their way to faster than the normal 30 minute fetching cycle. If your blog software supports it, you can now ping’s server … Continue reading

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Saying No to Splogs

A splog is a blog consisting of spam. It’s often hard to tell splogs from true blogs, but splogs will not be listed on and any subscriptions for membership in the Friends of initiated by owners of splogs … Continue reading

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The Community Patrol

If you happen to come across a blog listed on that is inappropriate for listing based on the guidelines listed in the FAQ (spam, not personal finance, etc.), please let us know privately. With almost 600 blogs included and … Continue reading

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The Alphabetical Blogs List

There have been some comments requesting the return of the alphabetical list of personal finance blogs on It’s here! If you notice, the sidebar above the standard blogs list now reads “Some active weblogs (all).” If you click on … Continue reading

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