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Being a Friend of is a Great Value

Out of curiosity, I logged into LinkWorth to see how much a link on every page within would go for. Take a look at the results and see for yourself:

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Ping to Update Your Blog!

This should be a welcome update for those who like to see their blog entries make their way to faster than the normal 30 minute fetching cycle. If your blog software supports it, you can now ping’s server … Continue reading

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Server is Slow Today

Sorry if seems a little sluggish today. The server seems to be handling some database queries slower than usual. Hopefully the problem will take care of itself.

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Saying No to Splogs

A splog is a blog consisting of spam. It’s often hard to tell splogs from true blogs, but splogs will not be listed on and any subscriptions for membership in the Friends of initiated by owners of splogs … Continue reading

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