Expanding Real Estate and Investing Sections, New Server Added

I’d like to focus on expanding the real estate and investing sections of pfblogs.org during the month of November. The real estate section can include blogs about the housing bubble, Realtors’ blogs, real estate investing, purchasing a home, etc.. In the investing section, we will include blogs about the stock market, other investments, trading, commodities, brokers’ blogs, etc.

Don’t hesitate to add a blog to the massive aggregator!

Speaking of the aggregator, we are now dually hosted, with one shared server at Dreamhost which serves the website to visitors, maintains the database, deals with pings, and is the backup 30-minute fetcher. The other is a “grid server” at MediaTemple which functions as the main 30-minute fetcher. As we further test how the servers manage loads, responsibilities may move around.

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3 Responses to Expanding Real Estate and Investing Sections, New Server Added

  1. FrugalDuchess says:

    I love pfblogs.org. The new features are great!
    My entries are being backdated by hours!. I posted one story at 6pm and it was backdatedf ro around 2pm on pfblogs.
    This morning I posted a story at 7:57 am est and pfblogs backdated it to around 2 am. I checked the settings on my computer and the settings are fine.

    Please help. Thanks so much

  2. webmaster says:

    Hi FrugalDuchess,

    I explained the issue in an email to you today. Some new programming will need to be done to accommodate Blogger’s new RSS/Atom template which is misidentifying the published time.

  3. FrugalDuchess says:

    Thanks so much!!!

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