Friends of and 2006 Annual Campaign

The month of April will be the beginning of a small fundraising campaign for As you imagine, a certain amount of effort goes into maintaining We have also pledged not to take advertising as well feel it infringes on the rights of the bloggers within the community. Therefore, we’re asking for just a little bit back.

We have opened a PayPal account to accept donations, no matter how small. You can donate as little as $1 if you like.

There’s a special bonus for those who donate $10 $2 a month or a flat $25 or more. Any blogger who does so becomes a Friend of, which will mean he or she receives the coveted gold star (star), a direct link to his or her blog from all pages, a feeling of contentment after making a donation to something he or she considers worthy, and some benefits that will be named later.

If you are already a Friend of, the donation will extend your status for one month or one year depending on your donation.

All funds go directly into the cost of supporting the site and prizes for a contest that will be announced in April. We are not a tax-exempt organization, so unfortunately your donation is not tax deductible in the United States.

Our goal for the month of April is $200. The Annual Campaign will last for just one month. Please help support us.

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30 Responses to Friends of and 2006 Annual Campaign

  1. kassy says:

    Done! PFBlogs is a fabulous resource and I’m glad to be able to help. I hope you far exceed your donation goal!

  2. Wandering Indian Monk says:

    I just sent you my humble donation! Transaction ID 1XJ56606E3264273S via Paypal! I would like to still be known by my assumed name ‘Wandering Indian Monk’.

    Good luck!

  3. kassy says:

    Oops, did you want our transaction id #’s? Mine is ID # 2HJ4791922080153R via paypal, my blog is Sparing Change

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  6. claire says:

    Glad to contribute, and a year of Friendship is a good deal.

    Paypal ID # 50F19439U8634143Y

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  8. One Frugal Girl says:

    Just sent in my donation. I am happy to contribute! Keep up the great work!

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  11. Inchoate Random Abstractions says:

    Thanks for keeping this site up and running. I just sent in my donation. Transaction ID #4TP91411LE009584E

    Like Wandering Monk, I’d prefer to be known by my pseudonym, Inchoate Random Abstractions (or IRA for short).

  12. Mike says:

    Glad to contribute! Keep up the good work! The donation is well worth it.
    Transaction ID: 6UV75644JR062025R

  13. Tim MMF says:

    You guys provide an amazing service…glad to help out.

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  15. Penny Nickel says:

    My transaction ID was 4D530262G19732215. As with the others, I’d like to remain psuedonymous. Thanks for everything!

  16. City Girl says:

    Keep up the excellent work!

    Paypal transaction ID # 8RL08152XP805300K.

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  18. TADollar says:

    Have a terrific vacation! Thanks for all your hard work. The site is great.
    Here is my PayPal transaction ID: 856764707L7615747

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  21. Tricia says:

    Thank you for everything that you do for us pf bloggers. Your site has been instrumental for getting my blog out there and I cannot thank you enough

    Here’s my transaction ID #00K21518E31765108.

    And please, just use Tricia from Blogging Away Debt. Thanks!!

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  23. financial reflections says:

    Financial Reflections ( Just paid. Transaction 22B50859L3360410G

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  25. Don't Mess With Taxes says:

    Y’all do a great job. Just ran across this and donated today!
    Count me (Kay) and my PF blog Don’t Mess With Taxes as Friends, tax breaks be damned!

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  27. Tom says:

    Joined! Outstanding service…

    The email address is /// The domain you link to is the Real Estate Bloggers.

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  29. Mick says:

    Worth the $10. Transaction 4VE3123518441302W

  30. D. Kevin S. says:

    done. Looking forward to being a full fledged member.

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