Media Mention: Minneapolis St. Paul Star Tribune

Kara McGuire from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune was gracious to mention a number of times in her recent column, Pay Dirt: Introducing Ka-Blog. The Star Tribune is beginning a new blog, penned by Ms. McGuire, and the ad-free aggregator is mentioned as a great resource for discovering wonderful blogs on personal finance.

Here are the great blogs mentioned in the article:

  • Bargaineering (Blueprint for Financial Prosperity) Friend of
  • The Bored Investor Friend of
  • Boston Gal’s Open Wallet
  • MyMoneyBlog
  • Bank Deals
  • Consumerism Commentary Friend of
  • Free Money Finance
  • Sound Money Tips
  • Budgeting Babe
  • Birds and Bills Friend of
  • Savvy Saver
  • Single Mom and Money Friend of
  • Marginal Revolution
  • Market Week
  • Seeking Alpha
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