More Pinging Changes

This will hopefully be the final change to the “pinging” process for a while. When a blog pings to let us know that there is an update to be fetched — a feature available only to Friends of — there is a two minute delay. If the blogger who owns the pinging blog has registered with us a Feedburner feed, the delay is increased to ten minutes to allow Feedburner time to fetch the new entry. It is strongly suggested that the blogging software be set up to ping Feedburner as well as

Feedburner may still not fetch your newest entries within ten minutes. If this is something that happens often and you’d like the behavior to change, allow to fetch your local RSS feed rather than the one hosted by Feedburner. This may take some extra work depending on your configuration.

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One Response to More Pinging Changes

  1. Prince of Thrift says:

    How do you ping pfblogs? I noticed the 2 entries I made this morning didn’t get picked up by you. Was there a problem with blogspot? or is there another cause?

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