The 90-Day Rule

Every day, more personal finance bloggers ask to be included in the aggregator. If you visit every day, you’ll notice this at the top of the page, where an official count of the number of blogs included is listed. If you’re especially astute, you’ll now see that total doesn’t match the number of blogs listed in the sidebar.

The list was getting large. I’ve now disabled the sidebar listing of any blog that has not provided fresh content in the last 90 days. Those blogs are still included and their feeds are still fetched every 30 minutes, but until their authors return, their blog title will not be cluttering the display.

This only eliminated a few blogs, 11 to be precise. I don’t think 90 days is an unreasonable amount of time to consider a blog “temporarily inactive,” do you?

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4 Responses to The 90-Day Rule

  1. steve says:

    I agree with this rule. It is a great idea. Some people dont take pride in there pfblog like I do. But for some reason I tried emailing you so I can get added and your email does not work. Can you please add my pfblog.

    Thank you!

  2. says:

    Perrsonally, I think that 90 days is quite generous. I prune links on my own site far sooner than that.

  3. RS says:

    I agree with Nickel…90 days is too much for a temp suspension. If it is only temporary, make it a 30 day policy.

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