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You can now include a randomized Blogroll directly on your own website! It will include a random sampling of 20 blogs updated in the last four hours. (Special preference is given to those who are Friends of, of course.)

It’s incredibly simple to include the Blogroll on your site. Here is the code:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

If you are relatively secure with your CSS skills, you can add style to these tags for prettifying the Blogroll:


If you want to get fancy, add "/pf", "/re", or "/inv" after the URI listed in the src attribute to filter for personal finance, real estate, or investing blogs.

Here is the default look:

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27 Responses to The Blogroll

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  2. webmaster says:

    If you use the Blogroll, please leave a comment to let us know about it.

  3. RS says:

    Very cool. I will be trying this out today or tomorrow on the site. This is a perfect solution to the problem that I was having with my blogroll…it was becoming too big so I had to move it from the front page and just have a link to it there. With this script, I can keep a manageable blogroll that constantly changes. Good job.

  4. Tricia says:

    I’ve added the blogroll to my blog today. Just as Consumerism Commentary stated - it’s super easy to do. It also looks great! Thanks for offering this!!

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  7. financial freedumb says:

    Added blogroll! Thanks!

  8. John OMM says:

    I’ve added the pfblogsorg blogroll to our site’s sidebar, but the text appears oversized and the stars spill over onto additioinal lines. Any insight into how to fix this?

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  10. ricemutt says:

    Happy to add the links to my site!

  11. Mike says:

    I just added the blogroll to my site. It’s a great addition to anyone’s personal finance website. continues to impress…

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  13. circle says:

    Just added the blogroll to my site. It is really cool….

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  15. D. Kevin S. says:

    I am proud to have implemented pf blogroll into my site…however, it seems to be down. I signed up yesterday as a full fledged member, because, I find to be absolutly fantastic and an incredible resource.
    - Kevin

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  17. Cory says:

    I signed up today and immediately added the pfblogs Blogroll! I need to learn how to do cool scripts like that

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  19. Finance and Fat says:

    I like it and I’m using it on my site-


  20. Neil Carvin says:

    The pfblogs blogroll has been added to Gauging Corporate Financial Results web page.

  21. Dorian Wales says:

    Happy to added pfblogs’ blogroll to my blog. Always looking for quality content to link to.

  22. Mike says:

    I have also added the blogroll to my site. I previously had it one my site a few months back, but it was lost in the shuffle during my change to a new host, a few new themes, etc. This is a great way to showcase the various pfbloggers via ever-changing blogroll!

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  24. Ginger says:

    Ive added the blogroll to my site!

  25. Peter says:

    just added the blogroll, looks nice. thanks!

  26. Paula @ says:

    I just added the blogroll to my site, except at the bottom of the blogroll, instead of saying “as seen on pfblogs,” it says “stolen from pfblogs.” I obviously don’t want it to say that it was “stolen” … what am I doing wrong?

    • Webmaster says:

      That uses automated random text. Just a little bit of humor. It changes frequently throughout the day. If “stolen” doesn’t convey the humor, I can certainly change it, but this is the first complaint since the blogroll was created years ago.

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