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Technical Difficulties

It seems that over the Thanksgiving holiday, we’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties. The fetching software hosted at MediaTemple has stopped functioning properly. I’m flying back in to town tomorrow, so I should be able to fix the issues over … Continue reading

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Stability in Fetching and Something New on the Horizon

DreamHost hosts the web server and database. I’ve been a customer of theirs since 2001, and the last two years or so have been rough. We’re sticking with them for now, but the fetching software will not run. The … Continue reading

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Advisory Panel: Getting This Party Started

I sent out the first email to those who expressed interest in the Advisory Panel. We could still use a few more voices, so if you’re interested (and you’ve been involved with the personal finance blogging community for a … Continue reading

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Expanding Real Estate and Investing Sections, New Server Added

I’d like to focus on expanding the real estate and investing sections of during the month of November. The real estate section can include blogs about the housing bubble, Realtors’ blogs, real estate investing, purchasing a home, etc.. In … Continue reading

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More Pinging Changes

This will hopefully be the final change to the “pinging” process for a while. When a blog pings to let us know that there is an update to be fetched — a feature available only to Friends of … Continue reading

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