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One of the best ways for Friends of to share links and ensure they are getting the most out of their small membership fee is to install the Blogroll on their blog and encourage others to do the same. Chances are you already have links to blogs you like. The Blogroll uses JavaScript, so if my understanding is correct, you won’t be spreading your PageRank any thinner by adding the Blogroll or risk sharing your PageRank with sites not controlled by you.

The Blogroll is a great way to see who has updated their blog recently, with priority given to Friends of The more we encourage use of the Blogroll, the more valuable membership in the Friends of will be.

Starting today and for the next two weeks, any current blogger who currently has or adds permanently the Blogroll, will receive a three-month extension to the end of their membership. If the blogger is not currently a Friend of, they will receive free membership for three months. Just leave a comment here with a link to your blog or blog post where you mention the Blogroll. Though no specific post about the Blorgoll is necessary, it is encouraged.

Please note. This offer is only valid for non-commercial blogs, those blogs not designed to sell or in support of a product or service.

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