Moving to a New Server

Increased instability at DreamHost, even after upgrading hardware, has forced us to move to a virtual dedicated server elsewhere. You should no longer have any problems accessing the website once the changes have fully propagated throughout the Internet. This will also improve viewing the feeds and using the blogroll on your website. Thanks for sticking with us. You can expect the development of new features to start picking up again.

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2 Responses to Moving to a New Server

  1. BudgetBoy says:

    The site is working great now! Thanks for all your hard work on this site. It is the best out there!

  2. FinanceAndFat says:

    I’m glad you moved to a new host. Maybe try to send out a heads up next time you know something is going on. We can all understand host issues and just knowing that someone knows there is a problem is enough to stick it out.

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