Ping to Update Your Blog!

This should be a welcome update for those who like to see their blog entries make their way to faster than the normal 30 minute fetching cycle. If your blog software supports it, you can now ping’s server to fetch your feed.

  • Get your numerical blog ID by finding your blog on the sidebar on or through the full blog listing.
  • Configure your blogging software to ping where BlogID is your numerical blog ID.
  • Post as you normally would (please, no “test posts”) and check in the next minute or so. Your post should appear.

There are several reasons this might not work for you.

  • You may not have correctly entered the ping URL, which should be, for example, Replace “20″ with your blog’s numerical ID used by
  • You may have your time zone configured incorrectly in your RSS feed or blogging software.
  • Some feeds generated by Blogger are incorrectly formatted.
  • You may have an invalid character in your feed.
  • The server hosting your feed may be unavailable for a short amount of time.
  • Your entry, or the summary in your RSS feed, is fewer than ten words long.
  • If uses your Feedburner feed, there is a delay between the time you post and the time when Feedburner updates your feed.

If you believe there is some issue other than the examples above, email the webmaster who will have debugging information for all pings that hit the server.

Note: This feature is available only to Friends of and only one ping for a particular blog will be processed every 30 minutes. If you use Feedburner and uses your Feedburner feed rather than your local feed, your ping may not be effective, due to the delay between the time you post and Feedburner’s update.

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4 Responses to Ping to Update Your Blog!

  1. says:

    WordPress users (at least those running v. 2), go to Options/Writing and scroll to the bottom of the page. From there, simply add the address to ping (separate multiple entries by linebreaks). The only thing there by default is ping-o-matic.

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  3. Prince of Thrift says:

    How do you set up the ping in blogger? Maybe one of these days, I can get my own host site set up.

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