Server Stability

This weekend, our web host, DreamHost, moved as well as a number of other servers to a new location. Since that move, the fetching software has become unreliable. I’ve devised a temporary work-around until it is feasible to move the aggregator to a new location.

If you have the ability to help with this project, it would be greatly appreciated.

Update: The server is now as stable as it was before the move, and blog posts should be fetched as normal. If you have any problems in the future, email the webmaster. We’re still looking for anyone willing to assist with getting onto a dedicated server or two.

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One Response to Server Stability

  1. Prince of Thrift says:

    seems you are having problems this past week…hard to connect to your site…posts on some sites aren’t fetched until hours after the post was originally posted, while others seem to be fetched on time.
    Today the click count on some sites are missing.

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